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Published: 10th May 2011
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It is very important to make sure as a volleyball player you stay at the top of your performance level by undergoing excruciating volleyball workouts and drills. Over the years I have observed the top players in the world like Andor Gyulai, Stein Metzgar, Prescilla Lima and Logan Tom and one thing I noticed is the dedication of their workouts and time spent on perfecting the craft of volleyball.

In order to be a champion and stay on an upper curve over your competition volleyball workouts need to be a regiment of your everyday activities. I recently did a search online looking for different volleyball instructional websites looking to teach my volleyball team new techniques and came across a wonderful website called volleyball1on1. I was telling my volleyball team about the above players mentioned and they never heard of them. Funny how fate has it, as I was looking through the website volleyball1on1 I noticed Andor Gyulai was founder of the website and I could not believe it. Also to my surprise I discovered Stein Metzgar and Logan Tom are actually teaching volleyball workouts and drills. I immediately signed up and purchased a subscription.

We had a volleyball practice and I was able to show my volleyball team thevolleyball workouts with the laptop connected to the projector. I was finally able to show my volleyball team that Championship NCAA and Olympic Volleyball Players actually do volleyball workouts and drills to keep their skills sharp and at the highest competition level. My volleyball team was amazed to see the dedication it takes to be a winning team. Not only do the volleyball workouts help but the advice the Championship Players give to the receiving student helps the volleyball students understands what it takes to achieve success from an accomplished instructor and volleyball player.

I was excited about the different drills and techniques that I was being taught first hand. I think I was more excited than my students learning from players that I have admired for years. Its rare to find a volleyball workout website founded by a championship volleyball player. Most sites I have seen are ran by someone who just had an idea for volleyball workout sites without the passion behind it. It feels great to actually see players I admire and aspire to be like and I know the owner of this volleyball1on1.com is a real NCAA Champion.

My volleyball team is actually taking the volleyball workouts seriously because they see players that are top achievers letting my team know that practice and a serious workout will take you to the Olympics or an NCAA Championship. Just my advice to all you volleyball players who think you donít need practice, remember that only the best players have consistent volleyball workouts.

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